Corona Virus Survival Items

Corona Survival Products

As I talk to fellow survivalists and people generally, I have come across some great products to help to deal with the Corona Virus pandemic. In this post I list some of the practical ideas that I come across. As I find more I will be updating this post accordingly.

Phone Cleaner

Our phones are an item that are hard to clean, but often exposed to germs and possibly this corona virus. There really is more than washing your hands and hand sanitizer to prevent infection. I came across this standout product I had to mention, the HoMedics UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer. it actually safely disinfects your phone with UV light.



In this current pandemic situation, a lot of people ask me how to minimise risk when they are out and about doing essentials like supermarket shopping. One key thing you can do is wear disposable gloves.

The virus can remain viable on surfaces. We should be wearing disposable gloves to reduce our risk of contaminating our hands. Feeling the gloves on your hands will also help to remind you not to touch your face. Disposable gloves or gloves are a useful item in your survival kit as well.

Toilet Paper Solutions

toilet paper crisis bidet

Ok, so this current toilet paper crisis is a little out of control. I have found two outside the box solutions for this crisis and to prepare for future disasters.

The quickest and best solution to get around this shortage of toilet paper is to use a bidet. I know right, a little weird. But practical! Using a bidet is actually cleaner than using toilet paper. Check out my favourite, the Luxe Bidet Neo 185.

Another solution is to grow plants! Modern commercial toilet paper itself originated only in the 19th century, before that people used plants. The top three varieties of toilet paper plants to grow are Mullein, Indian Coleus and Dombeya Burgessiae. The leaves of all these plants are soft, absorbent, and do not commonly cause any type of allergic reaction. Imagine the savings if you were to grow your own toilet paper plants, whether you’re in a survival situation or not!

Since we have seen that toilet paper becomes an issue during a crisis, it is worth investigating solutions now, to prepare for future disasters.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is essential to every survivalist normally, so I would have to stress that if you do not have one yet, you should get one during this virus crisis. Remember, pathogens can enter your body through any damage to your skin or orifice. If you are cut during a pandemic is important to clean and cover the would as soon as possible. I saw a brilliant trauma kit that should deal with most crisis situations we survivalists prepare for, the Lightning X Rip-Away features a quality combination of kit and also fits easily over you car’s headrest.

If I find more useful items and ideas for this pandemic, I will update this post.

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