Dogs – A Survival Asset?

Dogs a Survival Asset

Whether hiking to a safe retreat or holding up in your home a dog can be a real asset to a Survivalist. Dogs sense things we can’t, some dogs can create a strong psychological deterrent for would be attackers, plus there is no doubting the benefits of dog companionship. However, while this all sounds good, there are a few problems with keeping a dog around in a survival environment.

In a survival situation a dog is an “additional” mouth to feed. Keeping track of a dog would be difficult and eventually a dog will drain your resources. So why would you want the burden of a dog?

Earn Your Keep

During a crisis or survival event, dogs provide much more than engaging conversation. Dogs have been used for  special purposes for thousands of years. Military dogs are used as “force multipliers” by sending a strong message. Hunting dogs have a keen sense of smell and lead hunters to prey. Companion dogs boost moral and family dogs often sense danger to owners long before they can.

The value of dogs as a protector, friend, and early warning system cannot be understated. Oh and the best bit, dogs don’t argue or talk back.

Prepping For Dogs

In the race to prepare for the coming apocalypse or a crisis, it’s easy to assume you’ll just “find something” for the dog. Dogs however have special needs.

Food – Dry dog food is the easiest food to store and carry for your dog, you’ll need more water however dry dog food is generally higher in nutrients that ordinary canned food.

Water – Generally you’ll need about 5 cups of water a day for a dog, of course you’ll need more for bigger breads. Keep a fordable portable water bowl or water bottle handy if you need to travel.

Safety – If possible you’ll need a proper leather leash and leather collar these are long lasting and tough. Ensure you’ve got name tags with full contact details on them

Comfort – Even though dogs are designed for outdoors, they can get cold just like us. Keep your dog warm and comfortable by including a blanket and a few toys in their survival kit.

Consider the following breeds

There are many breeds to chose from. If you want a work dog we recommend an Australian Cattle Dog or the Akita. If you want a protector dog perhaps a German Shepherd, Dobermann, or Pitbll is appropriate. Finally if you want a companion dog a Jack Russell Terrier, Labrador Retriever, or Border Collie is suitable. Which dog is best for a survivalist? There is no clear answer, consider what your needs are.

Friend Worker Protector

While an additional mouth to feed, a dog can earn its keep be providing protection, early warning and friendship, all the things you want plenty of in a survival situation.

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