Pandemic Psychological Survival

Survivalist Pandemic Psycholoigical Guide

Most of us are choosing to stay at home, whether because of government suggestion or otherwise. These are difficult times mentally, and survivalists should be prepared for a crisis like this. However as prepared as we might hope to be, this can hit us, but there are solid strategies for dealing with this.

Isolation and being forced into passive behaviours are a bad combination for our mental health. It is not surprising that many of us feel anxious, worried, depressed.

It is important to normalize your feelings. It is normal to feel this way when horrible things are happening to people around you. It is ok to feel bad. This is bigger than you though, realize what you can and cannot control.

Reach out to your family and friends. Most of them will be feeling down as well. Just because you are shut in does not mean you are shut off. I know a lot of people prefer to message these days, but now is the time to actually make phone calls or video calls.

Schedule daily activities. Just because you cannot go out as much, does not mean you cannot get goals met. Make a to do list for to-morrow. The more you do, the better you will feel, even if some things seem small. At the very least try to tick off one thing a day.

It is best to see this as free time. Worrying will not help you. Try to relax. See this time as the gift of a break and make the most of it.

There have doubtless been things that you have been putting off. Things like decluttering a room, reaching out to people you have lost touch with and so on. Be conscious of this list of procrastinations, write them down if you like. Now is the perfect time to do what you have been putting off.

Get some exercise. You can do things like yoga inside, but going for a walk or run is still quite reasonable.

Be wise about what you eat and drink. It is easy to eat poorly at the moment, but now is a great opportunity to really spend time in the kitchen making grandma’s old recipes or whatever. It is the perfect time to cook creatively.

Grab a book or two and start reading. Many of us seem to busy to find the time to read normally, but now you have that time. You can often download e-books and audiobooks for free. Reading will expand your mind and relax you. If you really do not like to read then get into some videos.

Give support to someone who you know is going through a tough time. Often by helping others we feel better ourselves. Sending a text or better yet, making a call to see how someone is coping with isolation might make someone feel less isolated.

Try not to feel hopeless. The chance of any one individual dying from this pandemic are remote. You do not have to feel so afraid. That is not to say that you should not take this situation seriously. It is still best to adhere to guidelines. However, it is possible that this virus will not be as virulent as it is thought to be and possible that it will subside quicker than people are suggesting.

If you are to be a survivalist, then this pandemic situation we are experiencing in is a good test of your psychological preparedness. Most crisis events will in part have a similar mental effect, so see this as training for the next crisis! I recommend reading Survival Psychology for a more comprehensive guide to the mental health aspect of surviving a crisis.

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