Electricity Free Fridge

Electricity Free Fridge

This is the survivalist refrigerator that will preserve your food for weeks and can be constructed very simply, it was invented in Sub-Saharan Africa using ancient technology and it can be replicated very easily at home.

All you need to build this amazingly simple survivalist refrigerator is 2 clay terracotta pots with no holes, or at least holes that can be sealed and you need sand. Be sure to select pots that are un-glazed. One pot should be approximately 1 inch larger than the other. You also need cloth, such as tea cloth and this survivalist pot in pot cooler will keep many foods fresh for up to three weeks!

The best post apocalyptic refrigerator.
The Zeer Pot is an electricity free refrigerator.

The genius of this simple refrigeration system is its ability to cool by the process of evaporation, similar to how humans cool themselves by the evaporation of sweat. As the water evaporates it removes heat from the inner container allowing produce and even meat to last exponentially longer.

A simple to make, “Zeer Pot” offers an electricity free solution for refrigeration that can make food last exponentially longer

Here is how to easily build this extremely simple yet ingenious solution to preserving produce after the apocalypse in just a few easy steps.

1. Get two, unglazed terracotta pots without holes if possible, but if you can only find them with a hole then just stick a cork in the hole, use duct tape or find a similar substance that will prevent water from leaking out the bottom of the larger pot and also prevent water from entering the inner pot.

2. Layer sand on the bottom of the larger terracotta pot and place the smaller pot inside the larger pot until the rims of both pots are equivalent in height.

3. When the smaller pot is within the larger pot, sitting on a bed of sand and equivalent in height to the larger pot, fill the gap in between the two pots with sand until it is almost level with the edge. Use clean sand if possible to prevent any possible contamination.

Adding water

4. Now add water. Saturate the sand between the two pots until it is soaked and soak your tea cloth with water, placing it over the top of both pots. Allow the post apocalyptic refrigerator known as a “Zeer Pot” to cool through evaporation for a few hours and then place your produce, meat or drinks within the smaller pot and replace the wet cloth over the top of the pot.

This simple, yet effective survivalist refrigerator will surprisingly cool liquids to approximately 59 degrees Fahrenheit, 15 degrees Celsius and allow storage for weeks instead of days.

This is a very effective way to cool your perishable goods and even if you do not live in a arid desert climate (and I am sure most of you do not) this can be kept inside your house at sufficiently less humidity than outside which will allow it to operate in a similar fashion.

With no electricity and a Zeer pot in your kitchen, you will be able to keep fruits, vegetables and even meats much longer than at ambient room temperature or even outside.

What is great is you can use this method at a barbeque or a pool party before the eventual apocalypse and wow your guests with your ancient ingenuity.

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